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“Get off the Scale” Manifesto by Rachel Macy Stafford Digital Download White


This 8″x10″ digital download features New York Times bestselling author Rachel Macy Stafford’s manifesto that inspires all to measure their value by qualities, not quantities.  Artwork by JuiceBox Designs is ready to be printed on your paper of choice.

Get off the scale. It cannot measure the depths of your heart.
Put down the measuring stick. It is not long enough to assess your worth.
Ignore the score. It does not show your true potential.
Don’t get hung up on the salary. It doesn’t even come close to showing your value.

Ban the mirror. It cannot reflect how much you are loved.
Ignore the critic. It has no idea how far you’ve come.
Instead, look for evidence of a day well lived:
I made someone smile. I gave a tender kiss. I hugged and wasn’t the first to let go.

I encouraged. I laughed. I believed. I lifted. I forgave. I lived. I loved.

© Rachel Macy Stafford 2021
8″x10″ digital download only, frame not included.  The digital file will not include a watermark.